Summer Safety

Camp Gan Israel strives to ensure the absolute highest measure of safety for our campers.

  • Doors are always locked and monitored by a security camera system.
  • There is a security fence around the entire CGI property. 
  • Counselors wear a "necklace" at all times with each camper's name, contacts & known allergies.
  • Health records & first aid kits are with every group leader at all times and are taken on every field trip.
  • Our child/staff ratio is low, most notably on field trips when we strive to have 1 adult per 5 campers.
  • All of our staff receives training from a pediatrician on general first aid for minors and special precautions for outdoor play in the heat.
  • CGI has a pediatrician on call during camp hours.

Daily Sunscreen

As a safety precaution, sunscreen should be applied before coming to camp. Please send a labeled bottle daily in your child’s camp bag as campers will frequently reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

Water Bottles

Personalized water bottles will be given out at the start of every session. They will be refilled at least 2x daily. Campers are required to carry water with them whenever they participate in outdoor activities.


Medicine required to be taken during camp hours will be dispensed by the head office only. Please personally hand it to the office on the first day your child will be attending camp. All prescriptions must be in their original containers and marked with your child’s name, prescription/expiration dates, and a written order from the physician.