Daily Lunch Options

We are happy to be able to offer delicious kosher lunches everyday. You may choose to take advantage of this program on a per session basis only.

Lunches brought from home must be kosher dairy or pareve. 

Rates shown are per two week session.

Mon/Wed/Fri Program ....$36.00

Mon - Fri Program (All Ages) .......$60.00 

General CGI Lunch Polocies

  • Assorted sandwiches will always be available for children who would like more to eat or will not eat what is being served. 
  • During the nine days preceding Tishah B’AV, we will be making some substitutions to the main course as it is customary not to eat meat during this period.

Bringing Lunch from Home

  • Lunches brought from home must be Kosher, dairy or pareve, and PEANUT FREE.
  • All packaged items should bear a Kosher symbol.
  • If your child is NOT participating in our lunch program and forgets to bring lunch to camp, we will serve them and bill you for $7 per day. If you do NOT want us to serve your child, please let us know in advance.